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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Suburban Strip Thrifting Trip

Suburban Strip Thrifting Trip!

Can you say that 5x fast? (Totally copied you
Yesterday my boyfriend picked me up from work for another evening of extreme thrifting. Hitting up 9 thrift stores (among a few other non thrift stores) in 4 hours in 5 different cities. I didn't stumble upon much vintage treasures, but I had a fabulous time with my boo & am absolutely in love with my new Gooseberry bowl! $2.99 at Salvation Army. 

These vintage cake toppers have a bit of a history. About a month ago at the Stoney Creek Value Village I had a vintage metal globe in my hand, they tend to price certain things outrageous here, my boyfriend tells me "they gotta make money!" & I tell him, "yeah, they aren't a collectable shop - they are a thrift store! They are charging antique mall prices." It outrages me, lol. Anyways, I had a vintage metal globe, priced at $14.99 & a Ziploc bag of vintage cake toppers, I told him I'm not gonna get the globe (was kinda ugly & expensive...) & told him to pay, shoving my debit card at him & setting the cake toppers on the counter. While I'm putting the globe back, he moves cashes, pays & it's not until we get home that I notice that he left them on the counter. Had been back to the store 3 more times & specifically looked for them the first & second time... never expected to find them. They have suffered some damage since the last time I seen them, but my favs are below. 

There's about 20 of these ladies.
Butterfly Gold, not a favourite of mine, but it's growing on me. I'm collecting some Pyrex for either an eventual booth or "brick & mortar" shop. If you can believe it, there is a store downtown Toronto that was charging $25 for the 442! A 444 Gooseberry (not pink) was $35 at another store & not even in very good condition!

I love vintage stationery, especially strawberry scented Strawberry Shortcake. 

Eager Beavers tea towel by Ulster & a set of toaster salt & pepper shakers.

This weekend I am going to an antique market & tomorrow I am going to get a fantastic piece of Pyrex. I'll be posting it soon. I'm excited!

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  1. Thriftstravaganza!! Love the white toast shakers. I hope you'll share the whole s and p collection with us sometime.

  2. Those shakers are hilarious! Who comes up with this stuff? I love the butterfly gold Pyrex. Its more to my taste than the black and white in the first image.

  3. My Mom had those very toppers on my birthday cake one year, with pink icing!

  4. I love Gooseberry! I've got a large white Cinderella bowl with the pink pattern on it, almost bought the same size in black over the weekend but unfortunately our local thrifts think they are antique shops also. If I am going to pay over $20 for a Pyrex bowl, I'll give my business to another Etsy seller first.

  5. The Gooseberry piece is awesome! All great thrift finds! Thank you for joining TTF this week and have a wonderful weekend and a very happy Mother's Day!

  6. I still have to send you that stationary!! It will happen..I just keep finding more and more so when you eventually do get it its going to be a lot!

  7. This blog makes me so happy! Great finds!

  8. Hello! Do you sell one sheet and an one envelope of vintage strawberry shortcake? I love her ... Thank you!

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