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Saturday, December 17, 2011

12 of 2012

I guess inspired by oh, hello friend's twelve by 2012, I'm doing a 12 of 2012.

12 of 2012 is my list of goals, not my resolutions, that I intend to finish by the end of next year or at least December 21st.

12 of 2012:

1. Lose at least 35 pounds by June - Toronto Pride 2012. Half of the world seems to make weight, get in shape resolutions and goals at the new year, however, I have been working on this for the good part of two months - going to the gym almost regularly, cutting down on thrifting; I just have to get the eating healthy thing down right & give up pop. I intend to get married soon, not having a muffin top in my wedding photos.

2. Visit Grayling, Michigan with my family. My family owns land seconds away from Kneff Lake. It's beautiful & fun. Thrift there, of course. I haven't been in over 10 years & a miss it. A lot. I used to go up every summer with my father.

3. Get Etsy shop up & running. My previous goal was set for the end of September, I think, but with my credit card being compromised & my lack of interest after that, it has been delayed. Goal is to have it up & running by the end of winter.

4. Visit Northern Ontario. Hike. Canoe. Have fun. I've always wanted to visit Northern Ontario.

5. Find a family doctor. It's been about 3 years. It's about time.

6. Take Sir Thrift-A-Lot in a new direction. I am not sure what that direction may be, but hopefully will include sponsored giveaways & some new fun topics, but will continue with the awesome, funky thrift finds!

7. See my neurologist regularly. This won't happen until after I get my family doctor, as I'm too embarrassed to go back to her without one. I haven't had a grand mal (tonic clonic) seizure in over a year & this is huge milestone, but I continue with absence, petite mal & rarely myocolonic jerks.

8. Get back into sweepstaking. Entering sweepstakes had always made me happy. It's a hobby, it's fun, you can do it while you watch TV & you get something out of it. A hobby you have to be persistent with to get results, but results do pay off. A few of the items I have won in the past: $2,500 in Via Rail gift cards, HP Pavilion laptop (typing on that now), $200 from Smartwater, Xbox360, skiing trip for 4 to Blue Mountain, movie tickets... it's endless!

9. Save more money. Do more things. No more random snack wraps & $2 cans of pop.

10. Visit Cedar Point.

11. Unpack boxes. We have lived in our new apartment since July 1st & I still have unpacked boxes.

12. Organize. I'm a big believer that piles of junk hold bad vibes. I have piles of junk all over my house & looking at the piles makes me sick, not only that, it gets depressing & absolutely tiring to look at. Goal is to organize drawers, cupboards, closets.. basically everywhere!

"If you can't love yourself, how the hell are you gonna love somebody else?"
- Rupaul


  1. It's so true about weight loss being at the top of everyone's New Year Resolution list. It's #1 on mine. I too have been working on it for a while now with some success. But I still have a long way to go. Hopefully after the New Year I'll be surrounded with likeminded friends so we can tackle this thing together!

    <3Jackie @ Let's Go Thrifting!

  2. Hey Jackie - I wish you luck on your weight loss goals!