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Friday, May 6, 2011

Wayne's World, Floor Plans & Vintage Fabric!

We got approved for our new place!!!

Can't wait to get out of this dump! We move in July 1st. I had said there is a unique floor plan, it took me awhile, but here it is - it's going to take a little work to set up our furniture, but it's going to look great afterward! One neat thing about the building is it was built in the 1960's & it was built with air. One of the things I was concerned about was not getting a place with air. I'm hoping the guy who lives there now moves out early & we get the place for Pride!

What do you think?

Here's a clipping from an old Seventeen magazine from the '90s (obv).

I picked up some vintage fabric yesterday. I fell in love with it, it's so tacky! It's stretchy, so I think it would make a great pair of pants. Is there a market for fabric like this? This is just the beginning of some of the stuff I picked up from my yesterday thrifting trip! $3.99. Couldn't say no. I'm going to try to take a better shot of it, this is just a quick post!


  1. Love the apartment! Isn't it just fun to move? All that packing, all that disorganized feeling, ugh!

    I love that funkadelik fabric! It's so sixties Factory Girl! You could try selling it on Ebay or, if you thrift a lot (gee, with a name like Sir Thrift-A-Lot..!), you could open a vintage Etsy shop.

    Good luck with the move!

  2. Thanks De tout, de rien! Right now I feel like a hoarder. I am absolutely overwhelmed with items & stuff that I just don't know what to do. It's all over the place. Everything is packed to the brim with thrifted items: pantry, every closet, cupboards, drawers, tv stand, bookcases, stuffed under the couch, in the bathroom vanity. Glad the new place is 325 SQ FT bigger!

    I'm been flirting with the idea of opening an Etsy shop, but once I buy something I don't want to get rid of it!

  3. Hold a garage sale before you move and sell all your Pyrex to me! hahaha Seriously, I'm in Toronto so if you ever want to trade or sell we should meet up. I love Ms Cleo Petra's new water bowl!

  4. Looks liek a fun little appartment! is it high up or on the ground?

  5. Do you have a great view? the layout is very unique and I'm glad you have air (I couldn't live without it). The summers can be brutal in Montreal and I've heard they're even worse in TO! :O

  6. Once you start centering your couch in the middle of the floor you never go back...You'll see. Looks like a super cool place! The fabric very Pucci, Austin Powers, hell yeah there's a market!

  7. Mick - it's on the 9th floor. We're currently on the 49th floor, so it's going to be quite a change.

  8. Vonlipi - to tell you the truth, the view isn't THAT great. For the past few years we've had better. But there is a network of fountains in the neighbourhood & we overlook those. It's next to an alley (eck!), but we lucky miss all the gross parts of the alley & get to see the patio of our favourite restaurant. Also backs on to a quite street. My only concern is there are bars near by.

  9. The Vintage - HAHA, I'll never have a garage sale!

    Back to you! If you ever find some doubles of some great patterns, let me know! Right now I've got nothing that I'm gonna get rid of, but you never know..

    There are so many of us in Toronto. One of the girls on The Pyrex Collective just started a trading circle in her city, we should have one here, lol!

  10. Dhamma - trying to find some prices on eBay for similar fabric, but coming up empty handed. Oh well!