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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

More Coke Rewards Codes 4 U!

To my loyal readers, below you will find 3 more Coke Reward points. Please be considerate to my other readers & post when you have used the codes. You do not need a blogger account to make a comment. Stay tuned for more points, as my boyfriend is coming home next week from Ohio & bringing back cases & cases of Cherry Coke for me. Quick note: are you aware that Coca Cola tastes different in the United States than it does it Canada? I heard that the other day. He's bringing me home some regular Coke as well so I can do a taste test.

Now onto the codes!

0nhk f44v 4tbm
5n6f 7vxk 6p56
4kn9 n7nn 0pa4

free Coke Reward codes brought to you by Sir Thrift-A-Lot.


  1. Yes, it does taste different, because in the states they use pure corn syrup in their soft drinks and canada uses sugar cane :)

  2. Thanks for the tidbit of that information. He brought it home & I can definitely taste a difference. I'll stick with the Canadian stuff.


  3. & now I can finally give a reason why Coke tastes different in Canada than the states.

  4. Us canadians are healthier that way ;)