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Saturday, May 18, 2013



I didn't live up to my name this week - Sir Thrift-A-Lot, I just went out once this week (still saving up some cash), but still found some nice stuff to bring home with me. 

I feel like the "thrift gods" are screwing with me. The Cosmopolitan is one of the Pyrex dishes that is on my list that seems to be obtainable at the thrift stores around here. I passed up a dish in Michigan on Boxing Day for like $10, thinking I'd never find a lid, now, look - I've got 2 lids, no dish!

I did pick up these 2 red fridgies with unchipped lids, $2.99 for the pair. Also picked up a 470 spare lid.

2 vintage cards & a great pack of unopened, vintage Hallmark paper New Years coasters. I love the elephant. 

    This is kinda a thrift regret, especially because the hair seemed to come out. Oh well. 

Vintage McDonald's pillow case. Pillow cases are pretty cheap in the thrifts, so you can usually make a profit on the McDonalds ones on eBay (if you come across them). 

When I saw these, I immediately thought of Van from ">Thrift Core. Anyways, Super Go-Bots from 1984 in the box. They have been taken out, $2 each. 

I am well on my way to having everything. You know all those people who say they have everything? Do they have a A ROUND TUIT? I never really thought I would & never intended too.. 

I have some eBay auctions going right now, 
a vintage (never used) Holly Hobbie toaster cover, vintage Super Mario Brothers stickers & some different sets of 1980's Strawberry Shortcake stationery. 

Here's the linkup this week. Can't wait to see what everyone found!


  1. You found some cool things! I love the go-bots (very Van!) I remember my twin brother coveting those!
    I'm a holly hobby girl myself!

    Great pyrex. It's REALLY not easy to find it over here. I drool over the collections I see from around the world!

    1. I drool over Americans collections. We don't have very many promos lurking over here in Canada!

  2. I'm not sure why McDonald's ever made pillowcases (so you can dream of french fries?), but those are pretty cool. I don't think I've ever run across them down here. You have better stuff in Canada.

  3. It looks to me like you still did pretty good for only one trip to the thrifts. Though the fuzzy shedding thing is creeping me out a bit... If we all thought about it for a sec, we could come up with more than a few thrift regrets. Mine is this weird little figure made with bristle pine cones, some kind of fur and googly eyes. Not sure what the hell I was thinking there!

  4. Trust me, with this haul you totally lived up to your name! LOL Loving the McDonalds pillowcase. Wish it had a Big Mac on the front of it instead! Mmmm.

  5. I love those red fridges. I like to find them to use at home. I much prefer using glass than plastic. I even love the new pyrex ones that come with the glass and plastic lid (found at a gs, of course!). I found a fridgie in smoke last week. I am not familiar with that color. Is it desirable? Wondering if I should sell it if there is some collector out there hunting down that color!

  6. I'm with Pam, awesome pillow, but I'd wake up wanting French fries and thinking the Hamburgler was out to get me. Love your Strawberry Shortcake stationary. :)

  7. Oh my Go-BOTS!! Such a lucky find! I adore that cartoon. I actually came across a Cy-Kill costume from the Ben Cooper/Collegeville company. I am so jelly of your amazing find!

  8. My garage sale last summer was full of thrift regrets! Luckily all that trash became someone else's treasure.


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