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Saturday, May 4, 2013



I haven't been hitting the thrift stores too hard this past week - I'm going away kinda soon, have taken on an extra shift at work & I am saving some cash to hit up foreign thrift stores & antique markets to the dismay of my boyfriend. 

I picked this deer up at a thrift shop, same thrift shop I picked up the Spring Blossom Green Pyrex dishes. I was viewing retroresue's flickr stream after they commented on one of my flickr photos & came across the deer. I thought I would have a hell of a time figuring out what it is, but I guess not, guess it's a Jeannette powder jar. Funny, too. At another thrift shop, same chain, across the city, I saw the dog one, just the lid, priced a $1.00 higher. 

I've never seen a complete set of Fire King bowls (of this type). When I was heading to the books at a Goodwill, the clerk oblivious that I was there, wheeled the card out & stopped it right infront of me & walked to the front of the store. I came face to face with the bowls. I am really found of the grey one. I'm so bad at taking photos of stacked bowls... need to work on that! So here they are..

My research says that these glasses are from the 1940's. I bought a mint set of 6 for $3.99. A seller on Kijiji is selling this hula hoop children glass in red & black for $20 & online on eBay in yellow for about $15. 

That's it for me this week. A tiny trip planned for Friday, hope it yields something riveting.     
 Is anyone else's Savers/Value Village now pricing Pyrex & the like like this? I know people complained on Facebook & looks like they do listen (about some things, anyways). A few of the stores have started too.. I haven't noticed at others because I haven't found any Pyrex there! 

Link up below if you've found anything at the thrifts, yard sales, estate sales, in the garbage, on the bus.. 



  1. What is your Flickr name?

    I have a powder jar the same only mine is an elephant and clear, it belonged to my grandmother, I remember the powder and the puff in it!

    Value Village here is still pricing on the bottom.

    1. sirthriftalot.

      & that's cool, I have nothing passed down through my family.

  2. The Fire King bowls are great and I love the glasses too! Thanks for hosting!
    -Melissa @ Scavenger Hunt

  3. That grey Fire King bowl is awesome! Love how it fades. Great finds! :)

  4. Nice Fire King bowl shape. Best kind of finding - right in front of you. Thanks for hosting, love joining in.

  5. Those glasses and the little deer are super cute. I love how you always find stuff I've never seen before! Have a great trip!

  6. Beautiful scores, as always. I really love the deer piece, quite cute!

  7. The bowls and the glasses are fab finds. Thanks for hosting.

  8. The Fire King bowls are great I like the grey one the best to. the glasses are wonderful to.

  9. What? No Butterprint in your post:-) It always seems like you find a piece of it so I noticed right away that you didn't last week.

    I actually have found a few of those Fire King bowls in the thrifts around here. They aren't colors that I particularly care for so now they are in my garage sale pile.

    I'm off to read more blogs & then my new Pyrex book. Have you seen it yet? Pyrex Passion!


  10. Oh I LOVE those glasses! They are full of charm.

    I've seen the deer powder jars before, but at antique malls. Not for cheap either. Glad you found out what they are and who made them :) I've never known.