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Saturday, August 9, 2014

Thriftasaurus #99

Thriftasaurus #99

Good evening thrifters! Early party this week since I'll be out of the country very, very early tomorrow morning for a fun filled weekend hopefully filled with lots of vintage goodies to bring home! 

I hung out at the thrifts enough this week, they weren't plentiful, but I am happy with what I brought home.

This Butterprint butter dish has been wanted by me for a very long time. I had passed one up at an antique market once for $15 (I read something today that said... something like "what haunts us most are the things we didn't buy" - so true) & have seen them only at markets - faded, chipped or priced high. I had convinced myself I could eventually find one cheaper than $15 since Butterprint is common enough. Wasn't looking good as I was witnessing pricing climbing, but looky here! *I will find the Shamrock salad set complete with holder* 

Here is what the butter dish looked like at the thrift... 

Never used vintage Made In USA Christmas tea towel. 

& these very suggestive, lol, patches. 

These 2 are my favourite.


On to the party!


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  1. Love your finds, especially the Santa towel! Does that towel say Parisian Prints? All the gold still intact too! Woohoo on the butter dish find. Love the suggestive patches too, how fun.

  2. that saying is so true. i have many non-purchases haunting me still from years ago...
    great you found such a nice example of that Pyrex, it looks as new!
    have a good trip, hope it will be filled with thrifty treasures!

  3. I love vintage Christmas linens!!!! And Butterprint anything. That butter dish is to die for!

  4. That patch you posted on IG cracked me up. I can't believe there are more! Those are the best.

    Hanna found a BP butter dish on our adventure last weekend at the flea market. They wanted 15 bucks for it. That's just way too much I think. Especially at a flea.


  5. Few things for you but great stuff! The Butterprint butter dish seems to be one of those harder to find things, so great score! The patches made me think of Mrs. Slocum in the the 70's Britcom Are You Being Served, she was always talking about her Pussy. Can't wait to see your US haul when you get back!


  6. The patches made me laugh - I do believe i may have had one or two of them. Have fun on the trip. Thank you for hosting!

  7. I leave a lot of things that I regret...I also buy a lot of things that I regret....ummmm....I guess I am doing it wrong hahah

  8. I can totally see those patches on a Hell's Angel's biker vest!

  9. I hope you find lots of affordable goodies on your trip. Thanks for the party!

  10. I haven't bought a thrift item in weeks but I'm going away on vacation later this week,I'm sure I'll have something to report!

    I'm lucky to have Mom's Butterprint butterdish, the only one I have, the only one I need!